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Lianyi was found in 1984 and formerly known as the Wujin Experimental Factory of Shanghai Iron and Steel Research Institute. Changzhou Lianyi focuses on the production of Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes, High-Temperature Alloys, Stainless Steel Ultra-Thin Seamless Steel Pipes, stainless steel capillaries (stainless steel small diameter steel pipes), Stainless Steel Bellows And Metal Hoses, etc. After nearly 40 years of development, Lianyi has broadened business and product areas. Lianyi forms a professional production line with advanced equipment and testing equipment in terms of providing possible solutions for customers in Aerospace Industry, Automobiles Industry, Automation Instruments Industry, Precision Instruments Industry, Petrochemicals Industry, Rail Transit Industry, Pneumatic Industry and Other Industries. 


While gaining a foothold in the Chinese domestic market, Lianyi is also making unremitting efforts to expand overseas markets. Lianyi has taken part into many projects with world famous brands, for instance Volve, Nissan, VW, BMW, Festo, CKD etc. And products have been sold to the United Kingdom, America, German, Malaysia, Belgium, Poland, Italy, South Korean, Japan, India, etc. 

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