Technical Center

Technical Center

Technical Center

Changzhou Lianyi Engineering Technical Center is a research and development department whose main research content is high-performance special precision steel pipe manufacturing technology. There are 40 professional and technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers and 7 intermediate engineers. The Technical Center has long hired well-known experts from the General Iron and Steel Research Institute, Baosteel Special Steel and other companies as the company's technical consultants. It has also established long-term industry-university-research cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute and other institutions of higher learning.

The Technical Center established the "Jiangsu Province GDI Engine Fuel Distribution Pipe Engineering Technical Research Center" in 2017. It has full-process pipe manufacturing equipment and advanced testing and analysis instruments, and has physical and chemical testing and non-destructive testing of various metal pipes. Testing ability, able to carry out various physical and chemical test analysis and non-destructive testing according to national testing standards. At present, the Metal Physical and Chemical Testing Center under the Engineering Technical Center is preparing for CNAS laboratory certification, and is expected to obtain a CNAS laboratory accreditation certificate in 2022.



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